Since we all know that it is inappropriate to write in the first person singular on such a serious topic, I will, for now, switch to third person singular.   I will likely loosen up in the next few chapters, if appropriate.
Michael McCaffery is a former Silicon Valley construction and development executive now living on the prairie south of Santa Fe with his wife Liz, dog Giordi, and cat Bella.  
Michael's nickname in Santa Fe is "El Loco" which is only a passing reference to his lifelong passion for narrow gauge railroading and the picturesque and quite distinctive locomotives (called a "loco" which is short for "locomotive" by railroaders), and is not an oblique and humorous reference to his occasional state of mind.   And of course, the locomotive is the driving force for trains, and somewhat obliquely the driving force for life.
He received master’s degrees in engineering from Stanford University and the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School, and was a Civil Engineer Corps naval officer during the Vietnam War era.
His passion, besides his family - meant in the most inclusive way possible, and in all senses of that word - was until recently model railroading, which has fascinated him throughout his life.  More information on his hobby can be seen at , where one can see the results of his conversion of the building housing his model railroad into a studio where he will be spending his time terrorizing and entertaining the world with his humorous and penetrating insights - maybe.
"El Loco"
Michael McCaffery
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