As I write perhaps my final words on this website, I refer you to my previous website , in which I give the proper and fully due acknowledgement to some of the many people who helped and guided me along the way.
They are Noel Hurd, Leo Zeff, Ph.D, and Werner Erhard.   Each has been highly instrumental in assisting me along my path.
And, of course, Liz Dunn, my wife and protector and best friend, without whom I would most likely not be alive to write this.
Of course, there have been many I have encountered along this unusual journey, and all have affected me in some way, and I want to acknowledge all of them for their contribution to my more fully understanding, accepting, and loving this mysterious and exciting existence that we share on this wondrous and puzzling and occasionally enlivening lump of rock hurtling through the universe.
Thanks to all of you!  
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