As I launch this effort, I have no idea how it will end, how it will be received, or even if it will be of any use to others.   I do know that I have a deep need to write of my experience, primarily to clarify my thoughts and feelings, but also to be of some use to others who might be entering or experience dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.   I may use the terms interchangeably, but I write of the same experience.
I chose to use a personal website format rather than Kindle or other media to make this easily accessible to many at no cost.  Permission is given to quote freely with attribution, as is normal.
I embarked on this work to help me maintain my sanity, handle my fears, and make some small contribution to the increasing literature on this subject.  My abilities are slowly decreasing, mostly as measured by memory skills or lack of same,  and I find it is more and more difficult to create websites, and that arranging all the information is not as easy as earlier, and that this is part of the learning and acceptance process.
I warn the Reader that I intend to fully wield my weapons of humor, truth, provocation, and (humbly, I hope) wry wit.  I hope you gain something from this journey, and learn from my experience.  I intend that my somewhat weird humor does not detract from this effort; it is who I am and I use it often, frequently, occasionally mistakenly, but always with a great love for this experience we call "life" and how it presents itself in unexpected and illuminating ways.
I recently (in May 2020) decided about 3 a.m. one dark night (a time I am when I am more and more frequently awake, pondering What It All Means, and I am still waiting for an acceptable and comforting answer), and decided to mostly give up my lifelong hobby of model railroading (www.turquoiseline.com) in order to have time to write this while still able, and in addition to its therapeutic value to in a small way contribute to the body of knowledge about this topic.   Letting go of that hobby activity is one of the great changes in my life - so far.   You may thank me later.  It has as of this writing been about a month that railroad has been gone, and I now use that studio in a separate building as my office, study, and place to goof off and play with the muse.
Let's move on while my humor and abilities are mostly intact.
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